FAQ and Terms

– When does the trip begin and when does it end?
Sailing tours are arranged for both morning and afternoon. Morning trips begin at 11 AM and afternoon at 5 PM. Trips keep going approx. 4-5 h.

– How about food and drink?
Food and drink are not given on cruising trips.

– Are people allowed to bring their food and drinks?
Indeed, you can bring your own food and beverages. If you wish to cook your food on the boat, you can do it too.

– Am I permitted to come with my luggage?
You can take all your luggage with you.

– What is the best season for cruising?
Spring and Summer. That is the point at which all my boat tours are arranged.

– What number of individuals can fit into the boat?
Everyday trips have 8 individuals maximally as a limit.
If you go on multiple days private cruising, then, 4 individuals maximally.

– What would it be advisable for me to wear and what else do I have to carry with me?
You need to come with swimming suits, fitting garments, sunscreen, beach towels, drinks, caps. Track nearby weather report one week ahead of time as well and change in view of this.

– Are kids permitted on this trip?
Children older than age 3 are permitted.

– Can I save a private boat trip for more than a day?
Yes, you can book the whole boat if you go cruising around more than one day. The cost and accessibility of this trip rely on a date. General availability you can check immediately on AirBnB calendar here. But contact me for final confirmation before all first.

– Who else will be on a daily tour? Can I book boat as an individual for the daily tour?
Daily boat trip: Other individuals that booked the trip the same time as you did. You can book daily boat trip as individual if exist option in the schedule.
Multiple days private cruising: as the name says, multiple days cruising is private option and boat is reserved just for you only.

– Will the trip be called off in the event that it rains?
In case of rainfall, the daily sailing tour is canceled.
In case of rainfall, multiple days private sailing tour is not canceled.

– What happens in the case of a sudden storm?
In case there is a sudden storm and before the beginning of the tour, I as skipper holds right to cancel or reschedule the daily tour.
If the daily trip has been paid for and afterward canceled due to climate conditions, there is a refund of 100% of the cost.
Multiple days private tours cannot be canceled based on weather conditions and are not refundable. Depends on weather condition people stay on the boat and we continue to sail when the weather is clear enough.

– How and when should you make a reservation?
All reservations happen online. Start from the reservations page and fill in the form. I will always reply as soon as possible.
Specific days in the middle season sell out rapidly, so I encourage you to contact me if possible in advance to check for availability.