Sail Croatia: 12 Best Sailing Tips and Advices

Sail Croatia 12 Best Sailing Tips

Sail Croatia: 12 Best Sailing Tips and Advices

Croatia Charter Sailing Guide

1. Croatia Sailing EU: Yachts for Charter Database

Charter agencies can be found in every marina along the Croatian coast.  Yacht chartered bare-boats, chartered motor boats, Catamaran rentals, yacht tours and gulet rentals are regular services. However, because of Adriatic’s popularity as a sailing destination, there are a limited number of boats; it is advisable to book a vessel online before coming to Croatia. Most of the charter companies and boat owners have websites, so online booking is not a problem.

Croatia Sailing EU has a long-term connection with over 7000 boat owners on the Croatian side of Adriatic Sea. We offer competitive rates on all our boat models, please see our offer HERE.

2. Communication during sailing

Internet card for sail Croatia

Maintaining internet accessing during navigation can be expensive and challenging.
Wi-Fi is available throughout the local marinas, restaurants, cafes, etc.
The best way to stay connected during sailing is to purchase a local mobile phone and SIM card.
This will help you save money and increase your Internet availability while sailing.

Where can you purchase internet SIM cards?
Croatian post office or the local newspaper stand is the best places to find SIM cards.

3. Local Food-Dalmatian Cuisine

Inquire about Dalmatian food products. Dalmatian food products don’t have to be cooked and are a great meal while sailing.

Sail Croatia Dalmatian Food

Dalmatian cuisine includes:
Pršut: dry-cured ham that is served thinly sliced and uncooked
Paški cheese: Ask about cheeses created in small Dalmatian village. There is a huge variety of cheeses made from sheep and cow milk.
Olive oil: Extra virgin olive oil, use it on bread with a sprinkle of salt.
Ispod Peke bread: Local bread, which goes well with Pršut, local cheese, and olive oil.
Bevanda: Local Dalmatian wine mixed with natural water.

4. Provisioning

Food and drinks are usually more expensive on the islands than inland so we recommend that you stock up on supplies before setting sailing.
We also recommend taking plenty of drinking water. Tap water is safe to drink in Croatia. Water from water tanks on the boats is not recommended for drinking. When sailing, remember that most islands do not have an unlimited supply of water.

5. Cash

All the main credit cards are accepted at the restaurants, marinas, and supermarkets. Please note that smaller shops or cafes and mooring buoys usually only take cash. So remember to have cash!

6. Weather Reports on VHF Channels

On the east coast of the Adriatic Sea, regular weather reports are broadcasted every ten minutes in minutes in Croatian, English, Italian and German. Reports are updated three times a day, at 7:00 am, 1:00 pm and 7:00 pm local time. Weather reports usually entail the temperature, the wind, and air pressure.

Please see below for the weather channels by area:
Weather report for northern Adriatic, West coast of Istria is airing on VHF-channel 73
Weather report for northern Adriatic, Eastern part is airing on VHF-channel 69
Weather report for middle Adriatic, Eastern part is airing on VHF-channel 67
Weather report for southern Adriatic, Eastern part is airing on VHF-channel 73

Croatian coastal radio stations broadcast the weather information on a daily basis for the following 24 hours in English and Croatian three times a day:
Radio Rijeka (UKW channel 24): 05:35, 14:35, and 19:35 h
Radio Split (UKW channels 07, 21, 23, and 81): 05:45, 12:45, and 19:45 h
Radio Dubrovnik (UKW channels 07, and 04): 06:25, 13:20, and 21:20 h

7. Fishing License

License for recreational fishing can be bought from the Ministry of Sea or some Harbor offices. To obtain an electronic license, please visit:
Keep in mind that protected wildlife live in the Adriatic Sea. Penalties range from 20.000 HRK to 100.000 HRK.

8. Diving license

Diving is only possible with a diving license and is prohibited in most of the areas. Penalties are up to 15.000 HRK.

9. Medical Service

Tourists do not have to pay for medical care if they are visiting from a country that has signed the Health Care Convention with Croatia. If the Health Care Convention was not signed, then the person will be billed for any medical services. There are hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and air transport in all the major towns.

10. Pets

Please see the following linking for rules and regulations on transporting domestic animals.

11. Skippered yacht charter Croatia

There are many reasons to hire a professional skipper. A professional skipper will allow you to enjoy sailing without having to deal with the hassle.
If you need a skipper, you can find more information about skippered yacht charter or chartering a skippered yacht in Croatia HERE.

12. Safety and Security

For your safety and security, keep a list of the most important phone numbers for sailors.

Phone numbers for sailors Croatia

Contact us if you have any questions or need nautical advice.

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